Scholarship Foundation of John f. Kennedy High School

Donna McDougall

Donna McDougall has been a Board Member of the Scholarship Foundation for six years. She is a retired first grade teacher from the Savanna School District and is a retired Board Member of the Cypress School District having served 26 years on the Board.

During Donna’s career as a teacher and a as school board member, she was active in many areas of education and held many positions of responsibility. Some of these areas include: Straight Talk Advisory Board, Facilities Utilizations Study Committee, President, Greater Anaheim Special Education, Local Plan Area (GASELPA): 2 terms 1989/90 and 1992/93; Clerk, 2 terms; Representative, 1987-2004; SELPA Award 2005, Advisory Board, Dairy Council of California,

Masters in Governance, CSBA, Member, Nominating Committee for School District Organization, School District Organization Boards Association, 1994-95, Delegate, CSBA Delegate Assembly, 18 years, Curriculum Institute, 1995, Golden Bell Validator, 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998, and 1999, Member, Board of Directors, Orange County School Boards Association, 1990-2010, Elementary School Representative, 1990-92, PAGE Chairperson 1995-1999, and President-Elect, 1993-94.

Donna was also active in the community and her son’s education. She was Honorary Service Award Recipient for Vessels School, PTA President for Vessels School, School Site Council for Vessels School, Cypress High School Booster Club, Cypress High School PTSA Vice President, a Girl and Boy Scout Leader, and she received the Continuing Service Award, El Dorado Oeste PTA Council. Donna is on the Cypress School District as a Governing Board Member, and she resides in Cypress, California.